Direct flights to Latin America to boost Kenya’s flowers exports
Dec 29, 2016

Direct flights to Latin America to boost Kenya’s flowers exports

Lack of direct flights to Latin America has hampered Kenya’s quest to sell its horticultural produce in South American states.

Kenya’s flowers are re-exported to Brazil from other European nations, denying farmers handsome returns on their produce.

Trade principal secretary Chris Kiptoo said that there is a need for Kenya and Latin America to work towards establishing direct flights to the region.

“Our produce cannot access the Latin America market directly for lack of direct flights between the two continents but we are trying to work out something to establish one,” said Dr Kiptoo.

Dr Kiptoo, who was speaking during an international business summit in Nairobi between Kenya, Latin America and the Caribbean countries, said Kenya is seeking to bypass Europe and sell its flowers directly to these nations.

Currently, Latin America gets its flowers from the Netherlands auction, which imports Kenyan produce for resale to Latin and Caribbean countries.

“We want to use these negotiations to increase our trade ties with Latin America and one of the things that we are looking at is seeking direct sale of our flowers to these countries,” said Dr Kiptoo.

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